Half finished lyrics to a forgotten song/dream

If we fly away

and tomorrow comes just a second too late

we can lay together for a while

Just sing softly under me, live this life with simplicity

Hold hands count flowers in the grass

Kiss softly and play,  dream about tomorrow’s day

Where it’ll be more of the same

Forests and fields and mountains yield

Hold on to this land take my soul in your hands

Oh, my lady love,

straw grass for hair and mountain moss for eyes,

my life is the stars and space between the clouds no can can really catch up now

cuz we’re flying, so high,

breathe with me and sigh and never want to die

my love, my heart

we’re alive and brave and we’ll never be afraid so

fly, fly so high high high

and pray that tomorrow’s day will be more of the same.

my love.



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