Georgia still on my mind

This girl does not love herself,

but she loves me, I think, and I thank her for it,

everyday…or I do in my head.

I don’t want to invade her thoughts,

push my affection onto her,

She fears it you see, she thinks she’s unworthy.

But, I love her all the same

and try not to suffocate her with it.

She is fierce but vulnerable in a way that makes me

terrified for her.

She is strong, her roots planted firmly in the ground,

but the wrong blue-eyed hurricane will rip her from this earth.

Her beauty transcends type and genre,

Her hair tumbles around her face,

like a Rossetti painting of Venus.

And her eyes are my favourite shade of green.

Her lips…I’ll not talk about those because she’s just a friend.

I’ve seen her aura, its orange and grey and shines and shatters,

But, I know her soul and she is not as broken as she thinks.

She just needs less of a hurricane, and more of a sunny afternoon.






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