When did it stop being so easy to love?

We said it all the time as kids,

I love you mummy, I love you daddy,

You said I love you to the boy you held hands with at break when you were five,

You said I love you to your friends, to the trees you passed on your way to school.

Why now, is it more terrifying to say I Love you than I Hate you?

We fear each other so much my darlings, Isn’t it funny?

Or am I the only one that is scared, are you afraid?

Or maybe you don’t care, no I know you do but do you?

Overthinking, anxiety ripping open my chest,

you both can pick my heart up, stitch your love onto its flesh

or tear it to ribbons, I don’t care.

I will do what you wish,

Until, one day, something goes wrong, and I will show you my teeth.

No, that is my wolf talking, I cannot hurt you, never could,

but pretending I could makes me feel more secure,

because, my god, I am glass in your hands.



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