The Darkness of their love, The Light of mine

We have been singing,

writhing and raging all weekend,

Filled with light and love,

Wrapped in each others skin.

Whispering in the dark,

and screaming at the stars.


I am content, I am saved,

But you two,

The darkness creeps back in,

and lies like poison under your skin.




Three Wolves

Like wolves,

We sleep with our limbs tangled

and breath mingling.

Like wolves,

we sing in howls,

only we understand.

Like wolves,

We speak with our bodies,

and shout with our teeth.

Like wolves,

we snap and snarl,

whimper and growl.

And like wolves,

We hunt by moonlight,

and sleep in the sunshine.


I fear you

I am so fragile in your hands,

A shaking mass of insecurities and love,

bundled together with raw nerve endings.

I am terrified, I fear my love for you, it is a rising tide,

breaking against the harbour of my soul.

Please, be gentle with me, I am afraid

and can be so easily shattered,

you’d only need to flex your fingers

and I would be crushed into glittering dust,

and used as your warpaint.

Hello There?


We were sat behind a cinema,

But the trees and yellow leaves made it a forest glade,

We could hear traffic but our breath and smoke was all we listened to.

Our voices wrapped around the trees, as we sat on the floor,

Filled with green and release.

Our muscles relaxed, chests eased,

As we spilled a little of our heart’s blood to each other,

And we saw us a little clearer.

Come Closer

But these feelings,

Violent and teeth clashing,

spoken with my tongue and fingertips,

We are told, be safe, be chaste,

But there is wildfire within us,

and we will not be caged.

We are wolves, howling at the sky,

clawing at your skin with crimson nails.

Red lips curved in a white smile,

as we whisper,

“Come closer.”