Riven Love

You are not even human are you?

All the pain and torture you endure and put me through,

Your body sustained by sorrow and empty As and smoke.

No, you cannot be human.

You must be a demon, wrapped in white and scars,

a demon sent from my own personal hell,

twisting up from my soul like writhing silvery fire.

A demon trembling with the strength of her own hate and rage,

Screaming for a saviour, yet terrified of a glimpse of compassion.

A demon thinner than skeletal birch trees and weaker than a snowflake,

so small and weary, losing her body, wasting away in her demonic stupor.

A demon who does not feel love, empathy or compassion,

destruction and fear and anguish are all you know demon, my demon.

My demon, so frail yet you could crush me with a glance, destroy me with a word. Such power that resides in you, that you hold over me.

My demon, sent to wrench open my soul and heart, test my spirits’ strength, my souls’ ability to love without condition.

Well Goddess, do I pass your test?

Have I faced my demon, have I not suffered by her skeleton hand enough? Have I not bled and breathed and coughed enough? Has she, my demon, not succumbed to her destructive violent compulsions?  Has she not ached enough to rip and rend and rive me apart and empty out the earth of my love?

Goddess, I beg, release my demon, let her become whole-a snowy angel again, let me protect her, with my armour of bronze and my golden skin.

Please, save her and in turn save me.

No you are not human at all, are you?

You are in turns my silvery demon and snowy angel,

a test, a torture, a delight and a darkling.

Hellion, demon, leviathan,

Come to me, my demon, my angel, my monster,

Be healed by the love and strength the Goddess gave me, but neglected to give you.


but save my demon and her dark, broken heart that does not beat,

Before it is too late.


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