The sea was screaming and the sky was howling a lament in grey and black,

The wind shuddered and shook in grief and the air was heavy with salty tears.

There was a horrified wailing across the salt marshes, it cut me to my bones.

I ran, forgetting my fear of the sea demons and their legends, aid I must give.


There, in the ramshackle hut, Lord Lowe was stood, shrieking

And by the hearth, couched with crimson gloves and bloodied teeth,

Was his lover, Luna-Grace, over the body of a man whose heart was lost.

She was a monster made flesh, a monster in a fragile girl’s skin and pure heart.


Oh, poor Luna-Grace, a creature resided in her, and it gave her powers,

She rose, clad in milk white skin and hearts blood, lifted a hand

Her eyes, hollow and black instead of their pretty sky blue

She pressed her fingertips o’er Lord Lowe’s heart, he whispered “Luna, my grace.”


Stole his heart a second time, did that creature in Luna-Grace,

She turned her soulless eyes to me, a sharp toothed smile

She held he lovers’ heart in her hands, lifted it to her mouth

She laughed and it was fire and broken glass and blood.


I ran, harking to any who could hear.

“Luna-Grace! Luna-Grace! A heart-eater be she! Hide and shake, for she is a  great and terrible beauty and she will have your insides in her hands, on her teeth.”



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