Riven Love

You are not even human are you?

All the pain and torture you endure and put me through,

Your body sustained by sorrow and empty As and smoke.

No, you cannot be human.

You must be a demon, wrapped in white and scars,

a demon sent from my own personal hell,

twisting up from my soul like writhing silvery fire.

A demon trembling with the strength of her own hate and rage,

Screaming for a saviour, yet terrified of a glimpse of compassion.

A demon thinner than skeletal birch trees and weaker than a snowflake,

so small and weary, losing her body, wasting away in her demonic stupor.

A demon who does not feel love, empathy or compassion,

destruction and fear and anguish are all you know demon, my demon.

My demon, so frail yet you could crush me with a glance, destroy me with a word. Such power that resides in you, that you hold over me.

My demon, sent to wrench open my soul and heart, test my spirits’ strength, my souls’ ability to love without condition.

Well Goddess, do I pass your test?

Have I faced my demon, have I not suffered by her skeleton hand enough? Have I not bled and breathed and coughed enough? Has she, my demon, not succumbed to her destructive violent compulsions?  Has she not ached enough to rip and rend and rive me apart and empty out the earth of my love?

Goddess, I beg, release my demon, let her become whole-a snowy angel again, let me protect her, with my armour of bronze and my golden skin.

Please, save her and in turn save me.

No you are not human at all, are you?

You are in turns my silvery demon and snowy angel,

a test, a torture, a delight and a darkling.

Hellion, demon, leviathan,

Come to me, my demon, my angel, my monster,

Be healed by the love and strength the Goddess gave me, but neglected to give you.


but save my demon and her dark, broken heart that does not beat,

Before it is too late.



The sea was screaming and the sky was howling a lament in grey and black,

The wind shuddered and shook in grief and the air was heavy with salty tears.

There was a horrified wailing across the salt marshes, it cut me to my bones.

I ran, forgetting my fear of the sea demons and their legends, aid I must give.


There, in the ramshackle hut, Lord Lowe was stood, shrieking

And by the hearth, couched with crimson gloves and bloodied teeth,

Was his lover, Luna-Grace, over the body of a man whose heart was lost.

She was a monster made flesh, a monster in a fragile girl’s skin and pure heart.


Oh, poor Luna-Grace, a creature resided in her, and it gave her powers,

She rose, clad in milk white skin and hearts blood, lifted a hand

Her eyes, hollow and black instead of their pretty sky blue

She pressed her fingertips o’er Lord Lowe’s heart, he whispered “Luna, my grace.”


Stole his heart a second time, did that creature in Luna-Grace,

She turned her soulless eyes to me, a sharp toothed smile

She held he lovers’ heart in her hands, lifted it to her mouth

She laughed and it was fire and broken glass and blood.


I ran, harking to any who could hear.

“Luna-Grace! Luna-Grace! A heart-eater be she! Hide and shake, for she is a  great and terrible beauty and she will have your insides in her hands, on her teeth.”



They stand, gentle and strong

They have soft hands, like snow or summer grass

a happy laugh, like white clouds or the flutter of wings

Their eyes are wide, liquid like a doe.

Their spirit is unbroken, calm and cerulean like the rolling ocean

their soul is golden and white like the sun and sand

And they love me like we are blood kin.


They stand, hard and jagged,

Their hands are calloused and scarred, like a wolfs’ muzzle,

Their laugh is quiet, hesitant and harsh, like a bark or like bark,

Their eyes are stone and amber, like a hawk.

Their spirit is fractured, angry and snapping, like shattered glass

Their soul is black and grey like the snapping of teeth

And they love me like we are blood kin.


No matter their look, spirit or soul as long as they love me like one of their own.


Is this right?

This aching tightness in my chest

Like I am drowning.

Why does it feel,

Like there is a creature in my belly,

gnawing on my insides,

Working towards my heart?

Why, in the time of night when only I and the stars are up,

Do I feel lonelier than the sliver of the moon?

Why, do I feel a ripping need to be with and alone all at once?

I am marooned, like the Luna island above

Blood, slides from my mouth and weak eyes,

Black over the silver-dun of my skin.

No one No one No one




WHY? WHY why does love allude me?

Why do the ones closest to me cut me?

So deep that a monster slides over my skin

And behind my eyes?

Why, why when I give my heart and silver- black soul

Do I have it returned to me in tatters, sucked dry and useless


Why, why is my worth disregarded? My kindness spat on?

My singularity branded as strange?

My warmth stabbed at by shards of ice?

The casual snarl of indifference and rejection,

Claws and silver glued teeth tearing shreds through the shroud of my soul,

All I ask, from mother moon and sister stars,

Is just one, one friend who will be my equal

Who will love and respect me as much as I do them

Please, mother and sisters,

One whose heart is kind and true

Who will stop my monster in her growling tracks

Make her turn back and dissipate into my consciousness

Like smoke on the wind.