Lament of the Europeans

We are riven, torn in two,

half of us brilliant yellow, the other stubborn blue.

The flags will tear, ribbons of the economy

The gold has dropped, blinded by our autonomy.

And across field and fen and valley deep,

The consequences of this our children must reap.


Tomato Pasta with Chives from the Garden

I can hear my mothers voice from the kitchen.

She is speaking softly, gently, like a low hum,

naming herbs to my sister;

Chives, basil, mint, oregano, sage.

The stew pot simmers, gently bubbling over the quiet roar of the gas hob.

“Add some olive oil.”

“Then what?”


Generations of knowledge related in a low murmur, enunciated with warm laughs and the guiding of brown, calloused hands.

The watery crunch of salad being sliced and the porcelain rasp of plates being taken down from the Welsh Dresser can be heard.

Tomato turns the air hazy with scent and it clings to their hair,

As they dish up and my sister gives a proud smile.

It tasted fucking awful.


My Lady

Claws on my insides

I want to rip my skin off

Just be a soul on the wind

light and energy.

Free, free to follow the lines of my life.

Numbers and roads and Co2

I just want forests, fields, fern and fen,

and be at peace with My Lady, in her lilac glen.



My Soul, it loves with iridescent beauty,

The colour of sunlight through fairy wings.

It is tethered to my rib cage, silver knots against white bone.

And it honours the place in you where love is made and has been lost.



When silence reigns in a house of broken and shattered hearts

I can hear an Owl hooting outside
Somewhere in the velvet darkness,
Where night animals move and starlight casts a pale glow.
It breaks the stillness of the house,
Where emotions have been riven but two hours prior
to the Owls’ gentle serenade
in the velvet darkness.


When she goes somewhere I cannot follow and blood is in her eyes

I am howling screaming with rage,
Point your small finger at your pain,
I will tear it to shreds, rip out its throat
And use its black blood as paint.
But you point at your head
And I crumple with nothing to offer
And no way to protect you
No way to save you.
Help me, help! Somebody save her,
Save me
For I know not how
I’m sorry.