The bench by the white lilacs, where bees hum and rhododendrons bloom.

Past the flower beds and the reed stalk pond and the grey patio,

A bench sits, and white lilacs enclose its perch.

There flowers, clusters of silk petals, white as the edges of the sun and broad waxy leaves

attract striped bees, who drip pollen like drops of atomic gold.

The day imbues the grass there with light, heat shimmer rises from the tilled earth like a winnowing spell.

Rhododendrons, like trumpets, diamond flowers the colour of your heart, bloom.

The rose plant and evergreen tree paint darkness next to the lilac glen

And sunlight and shade sit against each other,

where the bench sits quietly and the bees hum, at the bottom of my garden.


The bench by the white lilacs, at the bottom of the garden where shade and sun sit together.

If we were to sit, by the white lilacs

And if I were to smell their summer heavy scent

as it painted your skin and shined in your hair,

If we were to rise, on smoke of the earth

our toes in the soil, fingers in the grass and our eyes in the white-silver clouds,

If we were to sit with sunlight patterns on our bodies,

Coils and strands of burning solar flares on the inside of our eyelids,

If we were to be alone, with birdsong and leaf rustle and our breath

loud-quiet in the air,

I know I would not stop, from reaching out to touch your cold, burning white skin,

Your pale, cracked lips

If we were to be alone, but together

I know I would want to breathe in the lilac and smoke that would cling to your birch silver hair

Till only our souls were left, covered in petals and warmed steaming and red by the sun.

Sunlight and Green

Sunlight is a drug, shoot up on shimmer heat, Sky blue dancing in your eyes, green prints on your lips and white gold fingers in your hair.

Flutter, patter, tweet and scratch,                                                                                                                Birds make noise like giants, eloquent song of survival, sing as they shoot up on sun to the left of me

and my hands shudder as it slides over my skin like petals and smoke crowns my head.