An oak leaf under my heart

My soul lies under my heart,

It is protected by my beat, the swell of life

It is the size of an oak leaf,

but curls in of itself, like a spiralling fossil.

Love is made there, in the glittering starry depths.

And is pushed out, into my eyes and onto my wrists.

It shakes and judders with the force of my love,

trembles at  my wrath and rage.

My soul flinches from spite, freezes at deceit,

And is enflamed by Beauty,

in all her varying forms.





There is a wolf at my window,

She has your eyes and she smells of sorrow.

There is my heart’s blood dripping from her maw,

And her silver claws hold my small soul’s light

Save me from this wolf, before I let her in.

A Friend

This hollow ache, just below my heart,

Where the soul lies curled, like a fossil.

An ache that could be filled,

By laughter in the morning,

And whispers in the night.

If I could dare reach for you.

And share my hollow heart.

I do not dare

There is a howling in my heart,

To belong somewhere, somewhere like you.

But there is a wall around my heart,

A thorny thicket in place of skin,

It separates me from the outside world,

And so my heart howls,

With no one to hear.

There is laughter around me, camaraderie I cannot share.

You laugh with them, in the sun,

But go out into the light? I do not dare.