My Skin, Your Strength

Darling, my snowy girl,

Your skin is so fragile, wrapped in white powder and ribboned with scars,

I would trade my skin for yours, wrap you in my gold flesh, it is thick and strong

It will protect you when your salt and pain storms rain upon your mind,

Keep you warm when the cold of your loss turns your blood to frozen mud.

When the winds of fear blow through your silvery hair, and turn your earth eyes to stone

my skin will chase the fear away and keep you safe.

When your fingers itch for flame and leaf, my skin will push the awful anguish away,

fill you with knowledge instead of empty fumes.

Just let me, let me wrap you in the armour of my body,

I will save you.

But you won’t let me , you will turn to him or him or him or the leaf, the blade or worse

and never me,

you know I could save you,

and so you will never let me in.

So miserably happy in your self-annihilation,

your artful and grey demise

I say again and again “I will save you” and you laugh from on high.

I peel off my skin, lay it at your feet, I am bleeding “Take it, Take it, be safe.”

You shake your head, “Bleed and and I will burn instead.”

I take the flame into myself, try to understand,

you wear the smoke like a grey shroud and I scream as I burn.

You wrap yourself in leaves, in smoke and weak boy-flesh,

I will save you, save you, save you…


Darling, my snowy girl,

Warm your blood, cast aside the flesh of others, and rise plated in marble

Turn from the leaf, the flame, break the blade on your granite wrist

Sew my flesh back to my body, help me keep my heart in line

help me when I am bleeding

and your strength will come soon behind.


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