Fight Terrorism with Compassion

Controversial topic, but we can all fight terrorism.

The Belgian attacks, the Paris attacks are not the worst of what terrorism has done, there are many other third world and developing countries who have suffered equally if not more so devastating attacks. The media ,and I believe the government, have downplayed these attacks, there are no filters on Facebook for Bamako, Mali-20 dead, on November 20th, Istanbul, January 12th -13 dead and on March 19th-4 dead along with many more that happened in the wake of Paris and have been largely under-reported because they are countries that are not necessarily large global economic contributors, and therefore deemed not as important. I do not mean to downplay the horrors of Brussels or Paris, but, terrorism must be pulled up by the roots, it cannot be fought from the top down, which means stopping extremist groups gaining footholds in lesser developed countries and just as ardently defending LEDCs as we do MEDCs and EU countries would be a good way to start. And no, this doesn’t mean a token gesture of sending some planes to bomb Syria.
Also, many of the right-wing and Out of Europe campaigners have been and will use the high-profile attacks to scaremonger and convince the public that these attacks prove that we need “more control over our borders” and that “national security is weaker if we stay in the EU”. I say no, terrorism is not just a national threat it is a global threat, we cannot beat it by closing ourselves off, closing our borders. We must continue to utilise our intelligence correspondences and exchanges with other EU countries and continue to coordinate with them to tackle terrorism on an international level. If we leave the EU we will not be safer, we will just have made it even more difficult to exchange information and fight terrorism on the ground. If our  British intelligence agencies are so much more superior to others in the EU as many right-wing and Out campaigners have said, isn’t that more of a reason to stay and help? Unity and co-operation when facing such a hydra-like threat is vital to our security. If history has taught us anything it is that building a wall between one country and others never ends well, countries need unity, in an increasingly interconnected world and globalization linked economy we must all help each other. Do not let anyone tell you we are safer alone, do not let anyone tell you Muslims or any other religious or ethnic minority is to blame, we must stand together and not allow narrow-minded xenophobia and Islamiphobia to cloud our county’s conscience.
So therefore, I will not say, je suis Charlie, remember Belgium, remember France, though these are all important and tragic events, I will say remember democracy, remember humanity and above all remember UNITY. Because united internationally and in our own communities, we will beat extremism and we will help ensure that no young Muslim who has felt ostracised by their community because of right-wing and nationalist scaremongering will ever feel the need to turn to jihad-ism as a way to feel accepted. Every single one of us has the power to help stop terrorism, by turning and facing these tragedies with compassion, love and respect, by accepting others and remembering that we are one race, one species, one community.
Blessed be.


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