Then Free I Am

The demons told me that I was damned

I laughed and snarled, “Then Damned I must be!”

The angels then told me that I was unclean,

I laughed and hissed, “Then unclean I must be”

Then the animals came and told me I was free

I laughed and whispered, “Then free I am”


The First Beings

When the world was new and the stars were maidens

There was a people, beautiful and strange

They spoke with every voice on earth

And moved like water and lightning

They were sparks, cast from the cosmic forge

Too perfect for this place of men

They disappeared in  a rapture of fire

And I hear they live just up there.



Her eyes burn with the light of July,

And hair of August fields,

Her lips are the sacred pink of Spring

And her body the rich strength of Summer.


Her voice is both the singing of the lark

And the soft snarl of a vixen

Her hate is ice, a cold fury

And freezes your very soul

Her love is the warm rain and lightning

And makes you feel alive

A Warning to the Daughters

Be careful my children, listen well to me

For beyond the pine trees a wolf waits, dark and insatiable

He prowls the night, howling, calling you from your beds

You’ll be tempted my girls but listen! He can appear your friend.

I entered into his shadow den when I was young and his eyes were bright and yellow

he sang softly and whispered  the secrets of the night

I let him take a bite from me and it left me torn and scarred

So be careful my flowers and listen well.

Don’t let the beast inside!